Mark Lambert, owner of Wasatch Customs, has been in the industry for 21 years. He has worked on cars for as long as he can remember, starting in a local rental yard at 15 years old, maintaining equipment, and worked in local tire shops and dealerships around the Layton area.

Mark opened his first shop at 19 years old, mainly working on 4-wheel-drives and speed work (hot rods), and was very successful until the big leap in gas prices. Like many specialty shops, Mark had to close the shop and try a different profession. Mark started doing sheet metal fabrication on a production line for a while, then decided to work for the government in 1983 to work on airplanes.

In 1995, after his government experience, Mark opened his auto repair shop part-time. Over 21 years of continuous growth, his business grew to be one of the largest independent auto repair shops in Davis county.

Mark has always been fascinated with cars and wanted to know how they worked and how to make them go faster! He has always felt "at home" working on cars and trucks, and his ultimate favorite part of the process is making people's dreams come true. Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing a client's face when their car is completed and they start to tear up or come up speechless because they're too excited to even speak!

When you ask our staff what their dream job is, the answer is unanimous - this is our dream job! All of us work on own dream cars in our spare time. We're unique how we assign a technician to a car-they work on each car from start to finish. They do the fabrication, the body work, the paint, and the finish work.

Look no further than Wasatch Customs. We are the best place for your dr​eam car's needs! 


Big Chris, manager of Wasatch Customs started out here as a master technician in 2018 and quickly worked his way up to managing the shop. Chris has been a hot rod enthusiast all his life and started in the industry in 2006. 

He has always been into cars, coming from a family of Hotrodders. His first car, he bought and started building at the age of 13. In 1988 he moved to tuscon and restored vintage war time Air Craft. However, Hotrods were in his blood. 

Chris has hot rods of his own and understands the interest and the passion that others have for theirs.

He is originally from Oregon and had a business of his own. He decided to leave his hometown and business to come to Utah to bring new ideas to Wasatch Customs. Not having family in a new state, his crew quickly grew to be like family to him. 

Chris's goal for Wasatch Customs is to help make your Hot Rod experience the very best, through knowledge and talent of the Wasatch Customs Team.


Chris Montgomery, lead auto body technician here at Wasatch, is a very loyal employee! He started with Mark at Shadetree Automotive in 2015 and left with Mark to Wasatch Customs in 2017.

Chris started doing this type of work when he was 18, for a small body shop and took to it very well. He then opened up his own shop for 7 years and decided to leave that behind to work for Mark. 

He enjoys working on vehicles of his own. He has had a international scout 2 since he was 17 and has been a work in progress. 

His goals for Wasatch Customs is to produce high quality cars and bring the memories from customers cars back to them. 


Kaycee,lead welder/fabricator started at Wasatch Customs in 2019. 

Kaycee started when he was just little, helping his dad with his project cars and grew to love the car industry. 

He went to weld in the oilfield, then decided to start a family so it was time to come home. He knew how much he loved old cars because of growing up around them so he knew this was the perfect fit. 

Kaycee has a passion for vehicles, he has 20 project cars ranging from Mazda Rx-8's to 1961 Chevy truck. His passion is vast. 

His goal for Wasatch Customs is to expand knowledge and growing in the field of precise fabrication. 


Tim,   fabricator/welder here at Wasatch Customs started here in 2020. He is originally from Wyoming but left to pursue the opportunity to work at Wasatch as a welder. 

Tim was influenced by his grandpa at a young age watching him weld, so he decided to take welding classes in High school and grew to love it. He was excited to start his passion of working on cars and welding when he got the job offer for Wasatch.He was just little when his uncle took him for a ride in a "fast truck" and that was when his love for vehicles grew.

His goal for Wasatch Customs is to grow and improve his work


MilesAuto Body Technician here at Wasatch customs. Started here in January 2022. 

Miles went to a lot of car shows when he was little and grew fascinated by them quickly. He always wanted to work on them and be around them.  He decided to get his first job in a body shop in 2019. 

He found the opportunity to start school at Wyotech and was in school for 9 months and got his Icar certification, and a certificate for street rod. 

After he completed school and got his certifications he came to Wasatch Customs to pursue his dreams. 

His goals for Wasatch Customs is to be doing high quality builds and to be apart of the business growing bigger and stronger. 


Justice Kane, Automotive refinisher here at Wasatch Customs started here in 2020. He has always been an artist and has always been into cars so combining the two seemed like the perfect job for him. 

Justice has always been into cars, he grew up with them around his dad. A funny story his mom loves to tell is, as a kid he could tell people what kind of car it was by the taillights. She loved to open up with this story to other people and showing off her talented son. 

He started school in 2015 at NCS certification center. He did the basic automotive refinishing course then did the necessary safety certifications to be able to paint in Utah. After school he continued painting for the shop he was with. 

Justice's goal for Wasatch Customs is to continue to improve his skill set and would like to do more jobs that include graphics and more custom paint jobs. 


Jeremy, Master Technician here at Wasatch Customs started here in 2021. 

He has fixed things all his life, since he was 5. He cut his thumb when he was 6 fixing his little brothers toy and ever since he has enjoyed fixing everything he can. 

He started his first job working on cars when he was 16, changing tires and doing general maintenance. He grew from that point and decided to go to Weber state university get his Bachelors of science, one in Automotive technology and one in technical sales. 

Jeremy's goals for Wasatch Customs is to better learn and sharpen his skills and knowledge within the restoration and high performance industry. 



Cassidy Fayden, Technician here at Wasatch Customs has been with us since 2021. She is originally from Washington and she wanted people to take her seriously so she left her home state and went to school in Ohio for her associates degree in applied science of hot rod and custom technology. 

After she graduated from Ohio technical College she moved out to Utah to pursue her dreams and work for us here at Wasatch Customs.

Her dad had an old car while growing up so she always thought classic cars were cool. Every car show she went to she was inspired by. Cassidy started to work on her own projects and decided to make it a career. 

She holds her 1977 Ford F-50 very close to her heart. She bought it when she was 17 and It has been a journey for her to learn how to fix it. She recently put in a old air ac system and in the near future she wants to do a wiring harness, a lift,  and a four wheel drive swap. 

Her goals for Wasatch Customs is to continue to improve her knowledge and experience. 



Frank, Master Technician here at Wasatch Customs has been with us since 2021 and is very talented. 

Frank was born and raised around the automotive and motorcycle industry. He was on his own when he was younger and decided this is what he wanted because it came naturally. He has two years of Automotive college and  25 years of ASC certificates. 

Frank's goals for Wasatch Customs is to enjoy his job working on Hot Rods until he can retire.

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