1951 Chevy Truck "Grandpa's Truck"

This is a 1951 Chevrolet Truck. Trucks like this are some of the most classic trucks out there. This particular truck not only has a ton of collector and classic value but it has even more sentimental value to the family who owns it. This truck was the go to truck for their grandpa. He not only used it all the time and thought of it as his pride and joy but it was the truck that he used to become closer with his kids and grandkids. This was the truck he taught each and everyone of his kids and grandkids how to drive in. 

Unfortunately he passed away awhile ago and passed the truck on to his family. It sat in a garage for quite awhile but once the family got it they all agreed that they wanted to get it back to the original truck they all got to spend so much time and created so many memories with their grandpa in. They want it as original as possible. To Truly have the truck they loved so much to remember the man they love so much. 

This is what we love to do here at Wasatch Customs. Not only make awesome rides, but bring old, loved memories back to life for people. 

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