1967 Pontiac Le Mans to GTO

The 1967 Pontiac Le Mans was and still is a very popular car! Now the GTO has become more of the dream car rather than the Le Mans. The GTO is often favorable to the Le Mans for several reasons! The GTO has the 400 motor, louvered covered tail lights, fake hood scoops, fog lamps in the grill, and has smooth rear quarter panels. This particular Le Mans is getting the upgrade of a lifetime! We are changing it from the Le Mans to the GTO! Many people have done this and tried to sell the car as an original GTO which is a lot more expensive then a clone or upgraded Le Mans. You need to be very careful if looking into buying a GTO! Luckily for this customer he doesn't ever have to worry about any of that because he gets his own custom GTO! It may not be an original GTO but he gets it exactly the way he wants! After all that I could not see why anyone would ever want to sell it! This is what we do here at Wasatch Customs! We take your dream and make it a reality! 

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