Featured Muscle Car - 1971 Plymouth Superbird 440

Part of our Most Sought After Muscle Cars Series

Whether it’s driving, restoring, or showing off, classic cars are truly an American obsession. In our case, the passion is for muscle cars, and this week we’re taking a look at the 1971 Superbird 440 from Plymouth.

Now those are some lines! Sleek, with a powerful engine, this is a car with some attitude. More than any other Plymouth, the hardtop hits most car enthusiasts’ best-of lists.

This car was Plymouth’s answer for NASCAR. It was originally based on the Road Runner, which was featured in our last edition of this blog series, but the Superbird was redesigned to meet the NASCAR requirements.

Vehicles that wanted to participate in the race had to be available to the general public and sold through a dealership. In 1970, they had to build 1,920 Superbirds in order to meet the quota that was required by the NASCAR regulations. 1970 was the only production year.

Not many of the Superbirds actually lived out any NASCAR dreams, but it was an inspirational vehicle; truly the stuff car-dreams are made of.

The Superbird, with its Magnum 440 cubic V-8 engine, and standard horsepower of 375 offered two upgrade choices: 3 two-barrel carbs fondly called a “six pack” or the 425-horsepower Hemi V-8.

These days, a Superbird that’s been kept in excellent condition will sell to a collector for well over $100K.

We think the Plymouth Superbird is a very special car. If you have a Superbird, please tell us about it and send us some photographs. We’d love to see it! 


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