Featured Muscle Car – Buick GSX

Part of our Most Sought After Muscle Cars Series

The Buick GSX (1970) had the body of a good midsized driving vehicle, the Buick Skylark, but ramped up with a monster engine. It was available as a sedan or a convertible.

The Grand Sport debuted in 1965 but it took a few years before it really caught attention. The 1967 incarnation of the vehicle was pretty robust, but it was the 7.5-liter engine in 1970 that really hit all the right marks. If you really want to catch people’s attention, try 400 horsepower!

400 horsepower depended on upgrading the heads, valves, and camshaft. Otherwise, the Stage 1 GSX hit 360. Once people knew about the 400 capability though, they were hooked!  It could hit a quarter-mile in 13.38 seconds.

When it came to color, the Buick GSX was famous for its lack of selection. There were exactly two colors. Will it be the Apollo White or the Saturn Yellow? In ’71 and ’72 they did start to offer more colors, but if you really want to stay true to the peek model year of ’70, white or yellow are the way to go. 


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