Featured Muscle Car - Plymouth Barracuda

Part of our Most Sought After Muscle Cars Series

The Plymouth Barracuda is a car that was produced from 1964 to 1974, but it’s really the third generation 1970-71 that’s part of our “most sought after muscle car” series.

When Plymouth started in 1964 on this two-door car, it was based on the Plymouth Valiant. It was an A-body car with wraparound glass in the back, very distinctive, but it wasn’t a particularly popular car. The second-generation ran from 1967-69 and was still Valiant-based, but with a lot of redesign. There were convertible, fastback, and notchback versions.

For the third-generation in 1970, things changed a lot. They ditched the Valiant-based design for an E-body and both the coupe and convertible versions were really different from the earlier models. With a 7.2-liter engine and up to 390 horsepower, it’s that third generation model that’s really become hot on the re-sale market in the last several years.

When discussing rare muscle cars, we can’t leave out the Hemi block version of the car, lovingly known as the “Hemi-Cuda” that you’d recognize from its reputation for burning rubber. Very few were made, only a few hundred, and they were each unique in that the color, transmission, and trim were always a little bit different. As a result, the Hemi is definitely a collector’s item.

Have you ever had the pleasure of burning rubber in Plymouth Barracuda or “Hemi-Cuda”? We’d love to hear about it! 


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