Muscle Car Appreciation on the Rise









We love muscle cars from the 60’s and 70’s, but what about new muscle cars?

Interestingly, the popularity of new muscle cars is on the rise thanks to the latest Ford Mustangs. In 2016, the Ford Mustang outsold both the Porsche 911 and the Audi TT in Germany, for example. The Ford Mustang is particularly popular in Australia where sales have exceeded those of the family SUV over the summer.

Why is the Mustang suddenly making such a comeback? Well, it seems that the need for speed is back, and the latest Ford Mustang is performing well. Car sales aren’t up for all sports cars—it’s particularly the Mustang. The statistics for other models are down by 12% in the popular Australian market compared to the stats specifically for the Mustang. There’s even a waitlist for the new vehicle that’s pushing into 2017.

What does this mean for the popularity of earlier muscle cars, and particularly earlier Ford Mustangs? At Wasatch Customs, we think that any rise in popularity of muscle cars, whether new or classic, is a great thing. We hope that the interest in the newer Mustangs will carry over to the classic cars and help people to seek out and take better care of older vehicles that have fallen into disrepair. There are so many terrific muscle cars out there just waiting to be beautiful—and fast—again.

With the rise in interest in muscle cars, we may also see an appreciation in the value of classic muscle cars, but beyond just the ticket price, we’re hopeful that respect for the classic muscle car will grow and spread in the years to come.



Muscle Cars
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